Jennifer Corbin is one of the most helpful, highly professional and caring individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. She cares deeply about the mothers she works with and their babies. She wants every mother and baby to experience the success of
healthy nursing. Jennifer has been instrumental to me in my own mothering throughout my pregnancy, all-natural labor and birth with exceptional Doula support and after my baby was born with on-going lactation support. While she is patient and optimistic
with consistent encouragement, she is also just an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom. And she always shares her expertise generously. I would highly recommend Jennifer Corbin to any mother or mother-to-be for her Doula and / or Lactation services.
With Jennifer by your side, your pregnancy, labor/ birth, and nursing experience will be greatly enhanced. Frankly, I couldn't have done it all without Jennifer!
-- Valarie

As a nurse and educator, I value expertise, skill, and compassion. Jennifer embodies each of these qualities. Her guidance, wisdom, and words of encouragement have been essential in helping my daughter and me overcome significant hurdles to establish and achieve a successful nursing relationship.
-- Tracy MSN, RN

I probably would have given up on breastfeeding if I hadn't met with you and learned about my oversupply problems. Thanks so much for your help and encouragement.
Breastfeeding was something I dreaded in those first couple of weeks, but now snuggling up with Hudson and feeding him is often one of the highlights of my day. Thanks again!
-- Kendall

Thanks again for all you did to help me with breastfeeding. It is so rewarding seeing my baby growing well from my milk and being happy and healthy.
-- Teofana


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I just wanted to send you a quick thank you. I'm not sure if you remember but, I had a really tough time the first two months after Ella was born with thrush and her having trouble latching. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your support as I made it through the rough beginning, and went on to nurse her for 18 months! She just turned two and is absolutely precious! I know it's long overdue, but thought I'd send the thank you anyway! I am certainly an advocate for breastfeeding now!! Thanks again and hope your family is doing well!
- Ashlie