Here is a list of the typical services I provide:

  • A holistic approach to the family/baby (ecosystem)

  • Appointments typically available within 48 hours

  • 1.5-2 hour appointments

  • Full assessment of the parent and baby

  • Intake assessment: gram-sensitive scale to measure the amount of milk transferred from the breast during the consultation

  • Observe and assist as needed for an entire nursing session

  • Develop a written plan to work towards desired chest/breastfeeding goals
  • Communicate with primary healthcare providers


What can I say about Jennifer?  She's one of the best IBCLC's in the country. Her knowledge with lactation and tethered oral tissues (lip-ties and tongue-ties) is second to none. I have personally worked with her in-office with patients and out of the office coordinating pre and post-operative care for my infants.  She knows her stuff and I refer to her whenever I can.

Dr. Brian McMurtry, DDS

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Jennifer Corbin is a very knowledgeable IBCLC and is dedicated to the patients she serves. She is diligent in seeking updated knowledge in order to give excellent care to better serve the families in her care. She offers the breastfeeding family a holistic natural approach that supports healthy mother/ baby relationships to be fully experienced. She is careful to develop a plan that incorporates the desires/choices of the mother while continuing to empower the mother of her abilities to care for her newborn. An area of particular expertise is to identify tongue tied newborns and to follow through and preserve the mother/ baby nursing relationship until the structural restrictions can be resolved. I would highly recommend her as an excellent IBCLC giving wonderful care for mothers and babies.
Holly Prouty, RN, IBCLC, CST​